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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

So much candy for Halloween, my teeth hurt!

I was going to be a Spider, a Ghost, Cinderella, or a Baker...
I couldn't decide.... so I looked online and a few hours later (into the wee hours of Halloween) I became a...
Knights Templar! or Joan of Arc if you wish.

Ta Da! My favorite part was the cape. Birddog made the little money sash-coin purse, a perfect touch for the costume.
This is the a perfect example on how being a pack-rat pays off. I was able to dig through my fabric stash and make this authentic costume in the middle of the night! I wore to work the entire day, had so much fun with other Halloween friendlies. I think I'll try to wear the cape a few times again this year....
I'll be Super Bits!

Never stop creating!
Oh, another super creation...

These are the Neicies. Birdy's mom made these amazing costumes. I think I'll be in line for her creations next year! I love the Pirate, such a cutie! RRRRRR!


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