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Saturday, August 25, 2007

I know what you did last summer...

Fun filled family summer vacation to the East Coast!

The Niecies in New York City, Central Park. ~August 2007~

She's all bagged up! Our commute on the subway was busy busy.


Kiddie-Cam. This crumpled license plate photo was taken by a little one. They have such a unique and raw eye for photography.

Like the doggy photo here, New Yorks furry friends. The niecies were so intrigued, I was too.

Hands on learning at the Natural History Museum with Izzy and Uncle Birddog.

Bucket gets techy.

The beatufil pearl, AJ.

Izzy the indoor rock climber.

We brought out our climbing gear to show the nieces one of our hobbies.

They were all jazzed up climbing up the rock wall, but once they reached the top,about 60 feet, they did not want to repel down. I totally know the terror they were experiencing. Luckily for them (and always for me too) Birddog to the rescue. He free climbed up and slowly talked them through the moves to get back down. Ben, Steph, and Birdy's Mom all got to try rock climbing. GREAT JOB EVERYONE! And thanks to Birdy's Dad for finding us a Super Awesome picnic table for lunch!

New Jersey was HOT. We found a sweet piece of heaven at the beach, Asbury Park.

Boogie down time!

We had a super fun time in the ocean, I didn't want to leave. Boogie boarding, body surfing, gaging on salt water, crab digging, relaxing with a cool ocean breeze, a sweet summer salvation!


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