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Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'll Make You Famous!

Professioanl Photographers, Birddog and Paulie, captured every moment in what was the BEST vacation ever!

Minneapolis meets Seattle! Paulie and Kato (finally) came out for a long tour of the finest features in the North West.

"May I have another please"?
Kato and Paulie found the wines at Harbinger Winery to be delicious and even more delicious. Sip after Sip, the flavors kept tantalizing our tongues and teasing our minds as the refills were mere drops. We savored the moment, and thanks to our Minneapolis duo, we savored it even longer and enjoyed the bottle given to us as a gift. Thank you!

A hop, skip and a jump; beauty at our fingertips. Washington has some of the best places to visit, as long as you don't mind a few hours in your car (or in our case being crammed into the jump-seats in the back of our truck). After our wine tour we headed to Salt Creek Recreation Area, a few miles west of Port Angeles.

Thanks to the local grocery store for the cheap car camping essentials! And thanks to Mother Nature for providing such a beautiful place to party! Fun was had as we explored the sea creatures at low tide, watched a family of otters swim and play, relaxed with the sun set, enjoyed bonfire S'mores, cozied into sleeping bags with a canopy of stars, and got rudely waken up a dozen million times by a trio of raccoons eating through our loot. Good stories, bad animals.

"The Buena Vista" of Seattle. Paulie and Kato fit right into this Seattle scene.

Another great Seattle destination, Golden Gardens. There is no better place to hang out with friends, play games, enjoy tastey beverages, and get your grove on!

"Let's Boogie"!

"Oh Baby"!


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