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Monday, February 26, 2007

Chilly Hilly Ride On - Ride On!

Great day for a bike ride. Rainy, wet, cold, thousands of bikes, tons of hills... I loved it!
Our friends Joe and Kristy met up at our house at 8am and we biked down to the ferry where we met up with more friends, Emily, Daphne, and Seth. We had a good'ol gang of bikers to encourage each other for the 33 miles ahead of us. The ferry was packed with bikes. I mean packed. It was awesome to see all the people who turned out on such a cold, dreary and wet day.

For the love of bikes, there were thousands of bikes and bikers packed on the ferry. Everyone headed over to Bainbridge Island to participate in the 33rd annual Chilly Hilly bike ride. I was proud to be a part of the event. Biking promotes a healthy lifestyle, a environmentally friendly way to travel and commute, and a community of common interest.

Besides the few crazy people on the ride, everyone was in good spirits. My spirits were almost shattered as I ended up with 3 flat tires. Yes three. I know, bummer for me. Within the first 2 miles I had to pull over and pump, change tubes, apply patches, pump and pump pump pump. Luckily on the third flat I noticed a tiny piece of glass embedded in the tire. Thanks Emily and Birddog for the technical support. After that, it was smooth riding! Well smooth up up up and down down down and up up up. The hills were leg burners. It was GREAT!

After our 4 hour, 33 mile ride a few headed home and the hard core stayed on the island to shop. Yes the wonderful Churchmouse Yarn and Teas and Esther's Fabric shop were hit long and hard by the bikers. We also enjoyed a good rest stop at the Black Bird Bakery-yum!

The day after the ride my neck is sore, my bum is tender and my thighs feel like lead. I can't wait till next year, maybe I will have better luck with only one flat tire!

Waiting for pictures from our photo gurus Seth and Daphne!
Bike on friends- Bike On!
Special Thanks to Megan for her amazing bicycle donation last fall. I couldn't have done it without you!


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