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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hello My Name is Yellowstone

I am a 2 year old Yellow Lab. I might not look like I'm two, but I have the energy of a young pup, don't let my size fool you. This is my trip to Rialto Beach, on the Olympic coast of Washington. We had fun in the wet wet rain.

I got to climb all over logs and run around the beach for hours.

The tide was high, the waves were fierce and I almost got gobbled up by the surf. I'm so fast, that wouldn't happen, I hope!

After the long trip and the fun time at the beach I was happy to relax in the truck... ssshhh beauty rest in action.

Yellowstone, or "Stoney" the wonder Lab, is available for adoption through the Seattle Animal Shelter. He is a good, very good, dog. Sit and Stay are easy for him and he'll be working on some other fantastic skills -tricks- soon. If you like to hike, camp, swim, run and be cuddled, Yellowstone is your boy! click here for a link to Yellowstone's online bio.


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