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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend What Nots

Sad Day, Bird-dog had to give up his sewing machine. Our neighbor asked for it back. She was kind enough to let us borrow it for several months. In that time, I made a few hats and two skirts and Kyle had made himself a backpack, me mittens, he hemmed many of my pants, and he finished one pack for me.

Yeah! Good job Birdy! This is the day pack he made for me. We got home from work at about 1:30am on Sunday morning and he stayed up to finish before he had to give the machine back. Thanks Sweetie. We'll be looking for a new/used sewing machine soon so that he can keep producing his wonderful creations.

We found an Estate Sale on Saturday and picked out a few nice additions to our tiny apartment.
Here he is lounging in our new bed. He is anxious for a sweater that fits and functions, he's ripp'n out an old sweater I made him in Alaska. If he was only 100 pounds heavier it might have fit. So we'll see what I whip up this time, at least I know what a pattern is now!

Another Estate Sale Beauty. Too bad my house is so small. It will have to wait until we move, someday in the future, or not.

Also this is the yarn ready to have a big DO-OVER. Posted by Picasa

goodness gracious great big ball of yarn.


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