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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Truck Camping 101

We headed out of town for July 4th, 2006.

Monday night we "loaded" our truck with the essentials and drove to Leavenworth, WA- about 2.5 hours east of Seattle. We arrived at this sweet camp site just after midnight and set up our tent in the cool darkness of the woods. This is always one of my favorite things about camping, waking up the next morning being able to actually see where you ended up.

This time the night was a little more than we anticipated. After filling our tent with sleeping bags and pillows (gotta love car camping!) we fell asleep... almost. There was a crazy storm brewing in those mountains. Bone crushing thunder and alien like lightning surrounded us. The thunder was so loud we were sure the mountains were crumbling. The lightning was so bright and scary we thought aliens were zapping the ground for specimens. Being too tired to move, but to scared sleep our first night was a little restless.

Night #2, slept much better.
Purple lounge chairs (I love car camping!) boat drinks, a bottle of wine, Phase 10 and popcorn (thanks Aunt Dawn!)
We slowly built a warm cozy fire that almost got out of control. Not really, that's Kyle's trick photography, sweet.

The popcorn maker had it's first night out!

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