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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Worms Eat My Garbage!

A few days ago Karen, a friend at the Yarn Barn, gave me her old -apartment size-worm composting bin. Her enthusiastic approach in explaining and handling the worms got me very excited to try it out.

It is quite small. I was expecting something large, stinky and grotesque.
As it turns out the bin is kinda cute and I think I saw baby worms already. They will eat our left over waste from fruits and vegies, and turn it into nutrient rich compost soil for my plants!

I still have not gotten the courage to actually touch the stuff.
Keep trying, it's only a worm.

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Thanks lil'wormies for reducing my garbage waste and making me wonderful soil!

NO fuss, NO Muss. I'll keep posting on how it's all going. So far so good!
Check this our for some more info on Worm Composting.


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